now on Dat

Earlier this week we put the TABLEFLIP website on Dat so it’s now available p2p. If you’re using the Beaker Browser you can put dat:// in your URL bar and a peer should serve you our website.

“Vanity Dats” (I totally just made that name up) are a feature of Beaker rather than Dat but are nevertheless very cool. The current website at the time of writing is dat://b5f226..33/).

When I said “a peer should serve you our website”, that’s the important point. If my laptop is the only peer serving that dat hash then you’re going to have a bad time viewing it when I’m offline. Luckily there’s a service called hashbase which will become a peer for your content in return for some $$$ (You can store up to 100MB for free!), so even if no-one else is peer-ing it, hashbase will be so it’ll always be available, which is great!

We learned that putting your website on Dat is stupidly easy thanks to this article written by our friends at Protozoa (dat://

If you like this decentralised p2p awesomeness then you might also like to listen to our podcast on IPFS.

26 September 2017