Nodebots of London at Arduino Day 2014

Tableflip, along with Nodebots of London co-organiser Alex Potsides stormed the London College of Communication in celebration of international Arduino Day 2014 (#ArduinoD14).

We ran a beginners workshop designed to teach people the fundementals of using NodeJS and the johnny-five library to talk to Arduinos.

Many of the attendees were entirely new to coding, let alone coding using JavaScript, which proved both challenging and rewarding.

You saved us a lot of time by helping us getting started - and your demo was inspiring. Thank you.

Huma Islam

In truth, a lot of the work had been done for us already. We made heavy use of the excellent Arduino Experimenter’s Guide for NodeJS website which walks you through using various components such as LEDs, motors and servos, giving you circuit diagrams and code samples to draw from. We can’t thank Anna Gerber enough for the fantastic work she’s put into it.

Our attendees were polite, open minded and excitable which really helps when picking up something completely new. Thanks to all who came.

Aside from our workshop, the day involved a whole host of other projects, demos, hacks, talks and workshops from London Arduino, Not Just Arduino and South London Makerspace. Check out the hackpad with all the info about the day, including links to pictures, code etc. Thanks especially to Marc Barto for organising and Tom Lynch for sorting the venue.

31 March 2014