It’s often said:

“LXJS is made with love”.

It’s true. Love, and a huge amount of work. You can see it in the attention to detail; they look after you, from start to finish.

They start working with the speakers months before the event, so they’re as prepared as can be. That’s important when you have to stand up in front of hundreds of your peers, and it means the talks are the best you’ll find.

The workshops are carefully chosen to cover topics that matter right now, and scheduled so that you can choose your own adventure. They’re small classes so that you’ll get 1-on-1 help and a chance to work with other attendees with similar interests.

…And that’s the real point of it. An incredible venue, inspirational talks, hands on workshops, great food and epic hospitality is all background to the real goal. Getting amazing people to meet each other and seeing what comes out. Creating a space for that epic data-transfer rate you get with a bunch of bright minds in the same place.

To kick-start the conversations, we’ve upgraded the LXJS lanyards with DRIIFT powers. Touch your phone to someone’s lanyard and you’ll swap contact details. Simple as that.

Your event contacts

At a low-level it’s all about NFC, digital lanyards, badges, connections, and finding people. Beyond that, it’s a catalyst for interaction. That curious first bip and conversation that ensues.

As you complete the workshops you’ll get badges to show you’ve levelled up. They’ll appear in the real-time directory showing you who else is about and the topics that interest them.

Collectable badges

Use it to find collaborators for your codebase or friends to drink with, it’s up to you.

We build our communities by participating, and there’s no better place to do that than at LXJS. So pick up your lanyard, collect some badges and get connecting with other attendees and speakers.

See you there!


24 June 2014