During the 5th TABLEFLIP podcast the team take some time out to wonder at the Inter Planetary File System.

a amazing space scene from an impossible angle

Don’t be left with a bad-buntu instead use a trusty Merkle DAG to insure you are getting the best platform for sharing your cat gifs.

cat gif with a train bashing her in the chest, available on the internet

Cool cats can download the podcast here:

TABLEFLIP podcast 005

But really cool cats download the podcast using ipfs by following these steps:

1) Download and install ipfs
2) Follow the instructions and put ipfs in your $PATH
3) Then init your node with ipfs init
3) Now try ipfs get QmNvn4KkBEDhZvsyBSQy6Gcq1aEEPkSEWBt9hbupBXzY5u to download the podcast (37MB)

21 February 2017