Integrating passportjs with keystonejs

“This is a simple guide on how to integrate passportjs with keystonejs as an AJAX endpoint using persistent sessions. We found Jed’s helpful post on google groups and decided to write down the steps for this particular use case.

Configure your passport with serializeUser, deserializeUser and the strategies you want to use. It’ll look something like:

var keystone = require("keystone")
var User = keystone.list("User")
var LocalStrategy = require("passport-local").Strategy

passport.serializeUser(function (user, cb) {
  cb(null, user._id)

passport.deserializeUser(function (id, cb) {
  User.model.findById(id, function (er, user) {
    cb(er, user)

passport.use(new LocalStrategy(/*...*/))

Add passport middleware to keystone pre routes:

keystone.pre("routes", passport.initialize())
keystone.pre("routes", passport.session())

Create routes for logging in your user with particular strategies:

keystone.set("routes", function (app) {
    // Only invoked on success
    // passport automatically sends 401 on failure
    function (req, res) {
      return res.send({success: true});

That’s it! Now the logged in user will be available in your other routes as req.user.”

13 March 2014