Richard Silverton

Richard was a developer at TABLEFLIP and is now ‘Lead Front-end Developer’ at re:infer

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Make your collections roar!

02 August 2016

More than a year ago, in March 2015, Meteor version 1.0.4 was released. Amongst the most interesting new features were an upgrade to MongoDB 2.6 and access to the underlying Mongo database and collection objects via the rawDatabase() and rawCollection() methods.

Promises in Meteor

23 November 2015


Flow Router - some useful patterns

04 September 2015

At TABLEFLIP, we’ve been building all of our Meteor projects using Flow Router since the start of the year. We love the way it focuses solely on routing, keeping reactivity in the template layer, which obviates many potential problems related to predictability and performance.

Large Meteor projects - best practices

21 August 2015

A list of best practices learnt from 2 years building large-scale JavaScript apps in Meteor. None of this is gospel - it works for us, it may work for you.