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The TABLEFLIP podcast - Spacer Wars

02 August 2016

For a while now there’s been a growing urge amongst the TABLEFLIP crew. A stratovolcano1 waiting to blurt out a fountain of opinions, observations, frustrations and wisdoms. Driven by our experiences working with many clients on varying projects and disparate code bases. From greenfield to legacy and everything in between our affliction to using the newest most shiny tech gives us a unique outlook on the state of the world of development in Node.js and JavaScript. We can no longer stem the fire hose. The TABLEFLIP podcast is here.

SquatConf - Information wants to be free.

19 November 2014

A free conference of ideas on de-centralisation of services, transparency, crypto and open-source.

Feedback from NodeSchool at SINFO

30 June 2014

In February TABLEFLIP ran a NodeSchool event as part of the SINFO conference. The event went really well and we got great feedback on the day. However, it wasn’t until recently that we were given the official feedback that was gathered from a questionnaire attendees were given after the event.


24 June 2014

It’s often said:

Meteor London - June 2014

14 June 2014

Show & Tell

Meteor London Devshop - May

21 May 2014

Meteor London pushes the limits of the possible by demonstrating how to build a selfie sharing service (think Snapchat) in 2 hours. 59 young entrepreneur developers recently packed out the uSwitch office to discover how blazingly fast and simple it is to get an app built using Meteor.

Meteor London Devshop - April

21 April 2014

Meteor London buffets on the winds of chance and optimism. As a monthly, demo-centric, early-adopter support group, we encourage people to have a go; it’s a show & tell for fancy hacks to production apps, and everything in between:

The first Meteor London DevShop

07 February 2014

We’ve been organising the Meteor London meetup for over a year now and it has become the biggest Meteor meetup in Europe. Recently Meteor got in touch with us to express their approval and intention to officially support the group by making it an official Meteor DevShop.