Bernard Mordan

Bernard is a developer at TABLEFLIP

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21 February 2017

During the 5th TABLEFLIP podcast the team take some time out to wonder at the Inter Planetary File System.

Apollo Podcast

26 January 2017

Join us in our forth podcast as we talk Apollo over pizza and craft ales in our local.

The Internet and The Young People

04 February 2016

Protecting young people from inappropriate content and activity on-line is no easy task. Most schools offer a filtered internet, preventing particular classifications of site from being accessed. Many parents also have this kind of filtering on computers at home, or as part of their internet service. But this still doesn’t give you any information about what they can access.

Business Critical Websites

21 August 2015

Here at TABLEFLIP we are in the business of making websites. The business of business for some organisations is becoming more and more intertwined with the internet. So what does that mean for small companies and startups wanting to build an online business?